Couples Counseling

If you want a happier and healthier relationship, I can help you:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Resolve conflicts in a healthy way
  • Deal with infidelity issues
  • Create more intimacy
  • Deal with parenting issues
  • Feel more loved and supported
  • Connect with each other in a meaningful way
  • Reduce your risk of divorce

We all enter our relationships with expectations about what we think that they should be. We bring our ideas and behaviors that we have collected over the years from our families of origin, our past relationships, our cultures and from our life experiences in general. Sometimes, personal problems become interpersonal problems. Couples counseling offers an opportunity to gain an understanding of all of these factors and how they may influence your relationship.

In a safe and supportive atmosphere, you will be able to lessen conflict, improve communication, deal with issues that have pulled you apart and learn to heal your relationship. In counseling, we will work together to understand what has influenced your behaviors in your relationship and how those behaviors have been interpreted. We will look at the emotions that you arouse in each other, and you will learn how to express these emotions in a way that will hopefully lead to more understanding from each of you and lead to a closer and healthier relationship in the present and into the future.