If you feel like you have lost or are losing your relationship with your child, I can help you:

  • Identify issues that are affecting your relationship with your child
  • Heal and repair your relationship with your child
  • Reestablish a relationship with your child
  • Develop healthy communication with your child
  • Develop healthier and more effective communication with the other parent
  • Deal with Parental Alienation
  • Reestablish a parenting schedule with your child

Childhood problems often occur or are worsened by the breakdown of the family structure. Some of these breakdowns occur because of parental separation and divorce. Sometimes, children will not want to have much or anything to do with one of the parents. This may be due to an already difficult
relationship between the parent and the child, the child’s disappointment and hurt from the separation or divorce or parental alienation by the parent with whom the child does want to have a relationship.

Reunification therapy is a therapeutic process that incorporates different methods to help heal and repair relationships between parents and children. The goals of Reunification Therapy are to build bridges between the family members and restore not only physical contact but also meaningful interpersonal interchanges between parents and children.