Divorce Consultation

Having someone by your side who is not only professionally trained (before, during and after), but who also personally understands what it is like to go through a divorce, can make a big difference in how you navigate through the often difficult challenges that divorce brings. 

Divorce consultation provides practical help, guidance, advice and emotional support.  Throughout your separation or divorce, you will be more prepared, confident and in control, while saving money, time and heartache.  It is a partnership in which we work closely together in order to meet your needs and the needs of your children as you go through your divorce

If you want help, support and guidance, I can:

  • Help you create and implement a manageable action plan that will meet your needs and work toward reaching your goals
  • Provide a divorce roadmap customized to your needs with practical help, options and advice
  • Provide emotional support before, during and after this process
  • Help you be prepared every step of the way
  • Help you feel more confident and in control now and in the future
  • Help you save money, time and heartache
  • Help your children through this difficult transition
  • Help you communicate with your spouse